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Every Dog Deserves a Second Chance

We are a registered charitable trust in Bangalore, India, working towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of dogs.

What We Do

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Dog Rescue

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Months of Operations

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There will never be enough words to express our gratitude and love to each of you for supporting us and making this possible - but there are miles to go before we sleep, so onwards we go, and hope to have your continued support!


Ways You Can Help


Give a dog a Second Chance and bring home a four-legged family member.


Offer a safe and loving space for rescued dogs till they’re ready for their forever homes.


No amount is too big or small. Every penny helps us make sure that every dog gets the best care.


Rescue for us, help with transport or vet visits, fundraise, and spread the word!

Share Your Skills

Have a skill that could be helpful to us? We are always looking for photographers, designers, illustrators, videographers, and more.

These Dogs are Waiting for a Home

Get in touch with us so we can match you with your perfect dog.

Looking to Adopt?

These Dogs Are Looking for a Home

Ralph was found abandoned and wandering on the streets. He is a typical high energy Lab and loves people. He gets along primarily with female dogs. Food is his kryptonite and he is very fond of toys. Ralph is fully vaccinated and neutered.


Luna is a Lab-GSD mix puppy and is very playful. She loves people and gets along with other dogs. Food and toys are her favourites besides humans. Luna is fully vaccinated.


Tofu was surrendered by his owner when he was 3 months old as they could no longer care for him. He is a very playful pup and is great with other dogs. Tofu has his final round of vaccination to be completed.


Madhuri is a breeder confiscated dog and was rescued from an unhygienic environment. She is a very playful and sweet girl. She loves people and is great with other dogs. Madhuri is fully vaccinated and spayed.


Gucci was confiscated from a breeder who had kept her in deplorable conditions. She is a sweet girl and loves people. She gets along very well with other dogs too. Gucci is fully vaccinated and spayed.


Alia was found abandoned on the street, following anyone to take her home. It was very clear she had been in a home before. She seemed to have been bred multiple times and abandoned once she was no longer needed. She is a very sweet and gentle girl. She absolutely loves people and is great with other dogs too. She is fully vaccinated and spayed.


Pearl was rescued from the streets when she was just 6 months old. She is a typical happy Lab who loves people and gets along with other dogs too. Toys and food are her favourite, and she loves being spoilt silly. Pearl has been fully vaccinated.


Sam has been completely trained in basic obedience, muzzle conditioning, crate training, desensitization, impulse control which makes him a dream dog to adopt. His only non negotiable is that he doesn’t like any other animals but that’s okay because he’s happy to walk calmly on the streets in a muzzle and ignore any triggers around him. Sam loves his space and a free run of the land but he likes to come back to a bed to sleep. He would be the perfect dog for a farm, estate or independent home but we are very specific on our conditions for him. He’s happy to be in a kennel but his kennel space will be what we specify, he needs a bed, he cannot be kenneled for more than 6 hours a day, absolutely no chaining or tying this dog up. He’s not a guard dog but his sheer size makes him a great deterrent for any intruders so if you want a dog who will protect your home then Sam is the dog for you. Homes with young children are not suitable. Meat based diet and basic supplements are mandatory.


There are many more dogs waiting to find a loving home. Please get in touch to have us match you with your furever family!

Board of Trustees

Meet Our Team

Sanjana Madappa

Sanjana Madappa has worked tirelessly for the last 9 years with the sole focus of improving the lives of our canine companions.  She has always had a penchant for animals, and is an erstwhile equestrian.

Fondly known as the Rottweiler whisperer, her passion and single-mindedness in trying give dogs the best life possible has seen more than 3,500 dogs find their forever homes. These dogs have gone on to thrive in countries far and wide.

The fierceness with which she is protective of all the animals in her care is unmatched, and she will go to the ends of the Earth for each of them. Second Chance Sanctuary started off as her brain child, and is a culmination of all of this experience and passion combined.

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About Story 4 Juhi Sheth Second Chance Sanctuary

Juhi Sheth

Juhi Sheth has had a deep passion and love for animals as long as she can remember.

Her work and education took her traveling abroad for years and when she moved back to India, the plight of the animals, especially our community dogs touched a deep chord in her. While abroad, she adopted a rescue who she made sure she brought back to India with her because you don’t leave family behind!

She began contributing to different animal welfare organisations financially, volunteering her time and her expertise in photography while joining different rescue squads in Bangalore to help out on ground. It was the next organic step for someone as passionate and a fierce advocate for animal welfare to step up to trusteeship so that she could do even more for the cause. A fantastic dog mom, businesswoman, rescuer, social media whiz, Juhi is a master of all traits and under her leadership, we hope to be able to not just achieve, but excel at what we have set out to do.

Melissa Marak

Though her educational qualification is in engineering, from the time she was a child, Melissa’s passion has been helping all types of animals.

She began volunteering in Bangalore in 2012 with various organizations along with rescuing dogs in distress on her own. She is currently mother to five beautiful rescue dogs and is our resident pro at handling medically critical cases. She has saved countless number of distemper and parvovirus infected dogs and puppies through her meticulous care that she gives them in her own home.

A powerhouse of a woman, she manages working a full time job, her adopted rescues as well as welfare work and her trusteeship in the organization with enviable ease. Under her mentorship, we are sure her passion and love for the dogs will be inculcated into each and every case that comes our way.

About Story 5 Melissa Marak Second Chance Sanctuary

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can make a difference in the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever was."

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Send us an email or DM us on Instagram with the links below, or write to us using the form.

Please do share with anyone you think might want to contribute to our cause.

As always, lots of love and gratitude for all the support we receive and the trust you place in us to put the welfare of the animals above all!